Loyal like Sid and Nancy – Foster the People lyrics

Chased by badgers, ducking lights Push the dagger when it’s right Martial law, inshallah Mi casa es tuya Ghosting like I’m Daniel Johnston And I’m locked up in the basement Where Satan lies in satin tweets And realigns his face lift The criminals are laughing with Their empty, toothless faces We’ve melted all our gold […]

Nur noch Gucci – Capital Bra songtexte

Oh Kolleg, ich bleib’ stabil, genau wie Bellarabi Guck, ich bang’ dein Abi, Bratan, nenn’ es „Afterparty“ Hol’ mir Capri Sonne, schnell, ich trinke nur Safari Gang Massari, Bratan, ich mach’ Gang Massari Tagelang auf Darbi, die Nerven liegen blank Wie ich das hasse, wenn die Schlampe ein’n auf Ehre macht Aber nicht mir mir […]

Oag – Stanza Lyrics

Ho… berjuta-juta stanza susila Yang telah kupendam Bertahun-tahun lamanya Hampir-hampir menjadi Sebuah cerita-ceriti karun OAGStanza Lyrics Berjuta-juta stanza susila Yang ingin kulafazkan padamu Terpulang pada dirimu Untuk mahu tak mahu mendengar cerita Sadis ini yang kupendam Bertahun-tahun lamanya Hampir-hampir menjadi Sebuah cerita-ceriti karun Oh… Perasaan ini yang membunuh nurani Tak sanggup untukku menipu diri oh […]

Alaine – Hold A Vibes Lyrics

ALAINEHold A Vibes Lyrics yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah The drum, the bass guitar strumming tonight we celebrating everything we celebrate if it’s your anniversary your birthday or just another day we celebrate cause we don’t wanna worry bout wrong or right so mek me just wanna vibes […]

Anne-marie – Ciao Adios Lyrics

Tell me how many more times Does it take to get smarter? ANNE-MARIECiao Adios Lyrics Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Uh Ask you once, ask you twice now There’s lipstick on your collar You say she’s just a friend now Then why don’t we call her So you want to go on with someone To […]

Ramzi – If I Say Lyrics

RAMZIIf I Say Lyrics I been sitting here so long Thinkin how this came to be Don’t know if it’s right or wrong Cause you’re the closest friend to me You’re the one that I would call When I needed somebody there I know it makes no sense But would you understand If I say […]

Pawnshop Kings – Love Like Jesus Lyrics

PAWNSHOP KINGSLove Like Jesus Lyrics I wanna walk this out with my head held high I wanna see the world looking through your eyes I wanna know that you’re leading me I wanna do what you ask of me I wanna walk this out with my head held high And love (the forgotten ones) And […]

Maension – Labyrinth Lyrics

I can see these walls, standing in my face and I can’t escape them But I feel this time I am getting closer to what I have been searching I feel it in my veins that I am Here for something more then this I can solve this riddle And i will no matter what […]

DJ Khaled – Unchanging Love (Grateful Album)

ooh, ooh If it wasn’t for your love How I woulda make it through? ooh If it wasn’t for your grace and your mercy That kept me through I couldn’t do it on my own I couldn’t do this all alone [Chorus] I was young Now I’m old, yeah ‘Cause of you, my chains were […]

DJ Khaled – Interlude (Grateful Album)

Cole] Tables do turn and labels do burn The second they ask you to sell your soul Don’t you do it, don’t you fold Say "Fuck that shit" and be bold Cause all them stories you told On records worth more than gold And if you never go gold again, at least you would know […]