No Pressure

You can get it if you wanna learn your lesson –Chorus: French Montana– You don’t want no pressure, you don’t want no pressure You don’t want no pressure, you don’t want no pressure You don’t want no pressure, you don’t want no You don’t want no pressure, you don’t want no pressure You don’t want […]


–Outro: Swae Lee– Oh, like we in a hurry No, no, I won’t tell nobody You’re on your level too Tryna do what lovers do A fuckin’ good time never hurt nobody I got a little drink, but it’s not Bacardi If you loved the girl, then I’m so, so sorry I gotta give it […]

Hozier – Better Love Lyrics

HOZIERBetter Love Lyrics [Hozier] I won’t get a hold, shaking through (Chasing memory of it still, of every chill…) Chided by the silence and it hush the blind Blind to the purpose of the group divine But you and I Staring of the blackness at some distant star The thrill of knowing how alone we […]

Beatles – Love Of The Loved Lyrics

And i know that from today I’ll see it in the way That you look at me And say ah you love me. And when i’m there I see the love of the loved. Though i said it all before I will say it more and more, Now that i’m really sure You love me. […]

Jim Reeves – Mother Of A Honky Tonk Girl Lyrics

I remember this girl They’re whispering about Just like it was yesterday When she was small. Once they’re on the wrong road With temptation let us turn around Like the girl they’re all talking about The one they’re running down. Instead of giving her a drink of beer Where angels have never trod They should […]

Victoria Justice – Cheer Me Up Lyrics

VICTORIA JUSTICECheer Me Up Lyrics Mmm…whoaa…whoaa Yeah, Uhh You get me out of my seat, it’s like I’ve been in bed for a week I’ve been slippin’ n’ slidin’ all over the place, and nobody cares And I’m such a disgrace You get me out of my mood, that’s something only you can do, Cause […]

John Mellencamp – Brothers Lyrics

JOHN MELLENCAMPBrothers Lyrics Let’s get to the point now Just because we’ve got the same mom and dad That don’t mean I’m your keeper That don’t mean I owe anything to you You don’t care for me And man, I don’t think that much of you CHORUS Cause we’re brothers, brothers, brothers I don’t approve […]

Magnolia – Lil Wayne lyrics

Did a show with Ja, soon as I left the spot Pulled over by the cops, them b*tches found my Glock They threw me in the box, eight months tops Starin’ at the clock, commissary stopped Man when Carter 5 drop, a nigga jaw gon’ drop The b*tches’ drawers gon’ drop, and then the call’s […]

No glory – Skan & Krale lyrics

I need the gloryyy. See you on the other side. No glory, I M.I.M.E I’m not the one you wanna f*ck wit Late nights messin’ up my sleep so I’m flustered Taking out aggression wit my pen because I trust it Writing tryna get myself a lam colour custard. Skan lyrics Video glory Lyrics Skan […]

Liife – Desiigner feat. Gucci Mane lyrics

Lyrics Desiigner – Liife Let me tell you how it is I’m on some real life, s**t life, real life s**t Never satisfied when you’re goin’ past rich Throws a lot of money put some bread on caskets They don’t wan’ see you ball they just want a draft pick I’m on some real life, […]

Supreme e bape – Cacife Gold letras

Dance, dance, baby Thug love, crazy Eu quero OG Kush e Haze Drug loves e ladies Muito sexo e bases Supreme e Bape OG Kush e Haze Drug loves e ladies Muito sexo e bases Supreme e Bape. Como é, se quiser eu vou É só apontar lá onde quer que for Porque quanta coisa […]

500 Benz

Lyrics to ‘500 Benz’ by Joey Badass: –Intro– 500 Benz 500 Benz Statik Selektah 500 Benz 500 Benz –Verse 1– Took the business class seats back to NYC Left LAX with a bag of the THC Straight reekin’ Nowadays I bounce back each weekend Shorter days, longer nights, from I lack sleepin’ Thinkin’ when this […]

Too Lit

Lyrics to ‘Too Lit’ by Joey Badass: –Produced by Statik Selektah– –Hook– Never gonna be too lit Never gonna be too rich Never gonna be too lit, yeah Never gonna be too Never gonna be too lit, aye Never gonna be too rich My bitch never gonna be too thick [?] –Verse 1– I know […]

Love Is Only A Feeling

Lyrics to ‘Love Is Only A Feeling’ by Joey Badass: –Verse 1– Look, I love her curves but what’s more preferred Is the way she articulates words Can’t help observe and stare When she in the mirror Masculine massacre while she fixing her hair I mean she so perfect And I owe her the world […]

De-phazz – Online Lyrics

well you’ve got to meet me online (I’ve been) disconnected for a long time well you got to meet me online (I wanna) download you for a lifetime I wanna download you for a lifetime I wanna donload you… download you for a lifetime today they won’t use nails jesus would not be crucified he […]

Mouth Of The South – Running Scared Lyrics

Are you free now? Fear of man or fear of yourself, what are you afraid of? We’ve got our hands tied behind our backs We cannot be the change that we wish to see on our own I’m tired of running scared from everything It’s time we pick our heads up and be the change […]

Zero Degree – The Fog Lyrics

ZERO DEGREEThe Fog Lyrics When the night is falling And the land is dark Gentle it seems to be Feel he’s creeping and crawling Feel he’s creeping and crawling No one turns on a light, be paralyzed Be frozen tonight No one turns on a light, be paralyzed Be frozen tonight Lost in the darkness, […]

B.o.n – Im Sorry Lyrics

In the end (oh, Im sorry), why cant we all stand up and all hold hands (Im sorry) why cant it just be the way that we want it to be in the end (oh, Im sorry) Im sorry about the kids whose parents have gone, and now we tell them, find your own way […]

Sebastian Kole – Purple Heart Blvd Lyrics

SEBASTIAN KOLEPurple Heart Blvd Lyrics I wish my memory of you would fade Every passing day reminds me that I let you get away I hope I never fall in love again If the fall don’t kill you, then the crash will And it hurts like hell and baby that’s real Oh– A boulevard, full […]