Faithlife to Give a Deserving Church Leader the Ultimate Getaway

Designed as a quiet place for prayer, study, and sermon preparation, the Pastor Pod is the epitome of a social distancing tool.Completely renovated with a new interior, the Pastor Pod is fully stocked with pastoral resources and mobile, allowing pastors to work from any location whether the woods, the beach or simply the driveway."Sometimes as […]

Matt Palmer – Do it all again

I’ve been so unlucky in love I’ve given my heart to the wrong ones Been so misguided Thought I might never find it Oh, oh I tried picking on all the red flags in my mind Wouldn’t let me relax, but on our first night It was easier the first time [Chorus:] I’d do it […]

Rita Wilson – Boss of Me

There’s a feedback look going round in my head I can’t make it stop, you say I’m going nowhere You’d better come on back, don’t you step out of line If you don’t want judge, you’re gonna be a headline My inner native is beating on the jungle drums My wrist is on the rhythm […]

Rita Wilson – Trilogy (Trilogy II)

Oh, everybody’s got two sides, but I’ve got three There’s always one of us that you can’t see [Chorus:] I shrink your glass when you’re sleeping I shrink your worries when you’re dreaming There’s a fire side she won’t show, She’s the one you really oughta know She’s a work of art that you don’t […]

Rita Wilson – We’re back

Raise your glass, come together Celebrate, never better Turn it up, everyone, We’re back, we’re back, we’re back. Knew this day would come Dancing in the sun Laughing in the streets Singing in harmony Now we’re holding hands Who says we need plans? [Chorus:] X2 We’re back, stronger than before We’re back, never wanted you […]

Larry June – You Gotta

Ye yeah You gotta know what you want You gotta push that line You gotta stand on your toes You gotta be on the job I keep stick for real, it’s 20 in it, and it’s time I don’t pop no pills, no signal white I’m just a fresh ass n***a getting deal N***a, don’t […]

Bilderbuch – Bungalow Lyrics

Ich hab’ Snacks für die Latenightshow Mama kocht für alle Mama kocht für mich und dich Komm vorbei in meinem Bungalow! [Songtext zu „Bungalow“] (yeeaaaoohhh!) (ok, ah, ah, ok) [Strophe 1] Mmh, du rufst mich an und fragst mich, wie’s mir geht Ich ruf’ dich an und ich frag’ dich, wie’s dir geht Du rufst […]

Bilderbuch – Magic Life Lyrics

Die Wellen, die gehen hoch Im Grand Success Resort Ohne Stress, ja, ohne Stress Füllen's auf den Prosecco Füllen's auf Can't you gimme more? Wir leben Magic Life Papa haut sein neues Auto Gegen irgendeinen Baum (ok) Füllen's auf den Prosecco Füllen's auf (yeah, come on) Wir Verbrecher (du du du du du du du […]

Ufo – A Million Miles Lyrics

Thought I found that something's   real Now   I'm lost, don't   know where to go [Verse 2] Never knew a   love song I could sing All the words to make me right But you see you mean everything… Yes to me, I want you by my side [Chorus] If we turn a […]

Andrew Ripp – Rejoice Lyrics

[Verse 1] Until I rise like the morning Wake up in the arms of glory To finally see the sun above the pouring rain Until I fall into surrender's Healing hands and remember There's a river on the other side of pain I'm gonna [Chorus] Rejoice Rejoice Lift it up in the highs and lows […]

Bilderbuch – Sneakers4free Lyrics

[Songtext zu „Sneakers4free“] [Strophe 1] Die Alten sagen: nichts im Leben ist for free Ich will’s nicht glauben Seh’ da drin kein’ Sinn Ich bin so high wie nie Tür’n aus Glas Seh’n mich komm’n Machen sich auf Slideshow Slideshow (Jaja) Und da steht sie Dieses sweete Thing Die Verkäuferin Ja, ja, die Verkäuferin [Pre-Refrain] […]

Ruthie Foster – Working Woman Lyrics

[Verse 1] She’s overtime and underpaid She’s kicking ass and taking names She’s punching that clock, she’s climbing that ladder, she’s spinning those wheels She can do your job ten times better and do it in heels [Chorus] So get your glass up for the working woman When you got to get it done, call […]

Otis Clay – For The Good Times Lyrics

Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over But life goes on and this world keeps on turning Let’s just be glad we had this time to spend together And then no need to watch the bridges that we’re burning Lay your head on my pillow Hold your warm and tender body close to mine […]

Teenage Head – Brand New Cadillac Lyrics

My baby drove up in a brand new cadillac I said my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac She said listen to me daddy I ain't never comin back Baby baby won't you hear my plea Cmon sugar just hear my plea She said balls to ya daddy She ain't comin back to […]

Andrew Ripp – Back To Brooklyn Lyrics

If I ever go back to Brooklyn It won't ever be the same It won't ever be the same [Verse 1] The screaming of a kettle sure sounds like the breaks on the subway And the harder I try to get her off my mind the closer she stays Watching snow covered pines as they […]