Young Buck Details How Beef With 50 Cent Started And Got Worst

Of course, being one of the most infamous rap beefs of the past decade has to have an origin. He said that 50 began to leave him out of shows and even stopped his second album from being fully marketed. Money was the manager at the time but he was fired after he and 50 Cent had a disagreement about funds. “They issues was, from my understanding, about money. Young Buck and 50 Cent beef is perhaps one of those mystery falling outs that we’re yearning to hear the back story of. Check out the interview below. At the time, Sha was the president of the company, the manager of me, Banks and Yayo, he wore so many f***ing different hats bro,” Buck added. Going further back, he said their major disagreement started after Sha Money XL was fired. He explained that from that point, 50 Cent, and Money started arguing over other things, and that made everyone uncomfortable. And, 50 immediately started to bring me and the guys together in the rooms and office like “Look, ya’ll gon’ have to find another manager. “And then all of a sudden, him and 50 stop seeing eye to eye for whatever reason, which put me in a position where I had to make a decision on where I’m going to continue with him being my manager or not when 50 just told all of us that we needed to find new management.”
His refusal to part ways with the manager caused a rift between him and 50. Twitter
Facebook They still don’t talk following their spat, which, according to Young Buck, began because of a disagreement over what type of management the collective should follow. He painted a holistic picture of what inspired them to part ways and how it escalated as well. He also went on to explain how and why The Game was also thrown out of the group. Young Buck opened up about his feud with 50 Cent during a recent interview with VLAD TV.