Yeah You” – Vybz Kartel Teaches His Son Likkle Vybz The Downsides Of Marriage

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) No never When yuh get divorced yuh ah get embezzled. Man ah star like Rocky. Half ah yuh money when di case done settled.”
Throughout the video, Vybz Kartel questions which song and which studio did the woman record. Earlier this year during an interview it was revealed that Likkle Vybz and his younger brother Likkle Addi would be taking over their father’s business pretty soon. Likkle Vybz will turn 18 in April. “Babes mek mi ask yuh a riddle. The song is all about the prominence of the Gaza brand and also explores marriage and what happens after a divorce. F*** gyal den block traffic.”
The fans were quick to point out how much the young Palmer looks like his famous father. Yea you. Which b****laat studio yuh voice?”
Likkle Vybz also asks the same question to persons who question his success and money. He sings: “Man ah star not rocket, Work hard, got that profit. The track is from the Palmer’s recently released EP Dancehall Royalty. The dancehall icon sings, “Married to the money, gold digger? He also has a similar sound. The opening of the video features Likkle Vybz in a stretch limo with a bottle of Moet in hand, vibing with a female while he deejays. Vybz Kartel schooled his son Likkle Vybz about the downsides of marriages in their new video. “Yea You,” is the latest track sung by Vybz Kartel and his oldest son Likkle Vybz, which arrives with a new visuals. Which one ah mi song dem yuh write?