Wonder Woman Beats Antifa Man — Public Advocate Names June LMNOP Month, Celebrates Juneteeth Day, Defends All Humanity

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WARNING: PRETEND VIOLENCE DEPICTED IN VIDEONot Real:  Villain, Super hero, Uncle SamPublic Advocate’s "Uncle Sam" and "Wonder Woman Majorie Taylor Greene" and "Antifa Man" pose with Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate at U.S. Marine Memorial today.NEWS PROVIDED BYPublic AdvocateJune 18, 2021 ARLINGTON, Va., June 18, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio has taken back the month of June from the LGBTQ crowd,  renamed June LMNOP month and honors Juneteeth Day today.Video: LIVE CONCERT IN WASHINGTON Posted HERE NOWhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiKXEIPWhG8LYRICS OF ALL 3 SONGS, FULL SPEECH POSTED HERE.https://www.publicadvocateusa.org/news/article.php?article=12040Delgaudio said:
"The LMNOP movement reclaims the Month of June and celebrates one man woman biological reality with singing and dancing celebrations today and permitted performances in Washington throughout June and the entire summer at national monuments with special reverance for this Juneteenth federal holiday. It includes songs, dancing and great performances by Wonder Woman Majorie Taylor Greene, portraying the conservative pro-family advocate Congresswoman standing with Uncle Sam our nation’s symbol and beating back the cultural mob represented by evil Antifa Man." Religious freedom is a key component of ending the current censorship and abuse of all men and women by the woke liberal cancel culture aimed at us."Our LMNOP Celebration Tour begins this week of Juneteenth Day Friday June 18 and goes through Labor Day.
Wonder Woman, Taylor GreeneAll the world’s waiting for you,and the power you possess.Caring for the Youth,Fighting for the truthAnd the old Red, White and Blue.Wonder Woman, Taylor GreeneNow the world is ready for you,and the wonders you can do.Male and female facts,Stop a bill in its tracks,Make a liar tell the truth.Wonder Woman,Get us out from under, Taylor GreeneYou’re a great pro-family advocate.And the good you demonstrate.Stop the Leftist cold,Make the Marxists fold,Change their minds,and change the world.Wonder Woman, Taylor Greene.Make the family great again

The songs include LMNOP (Tune of Do Re Mi from the movie The Sound of Music), "Wonder Woman Taylor Greene" (Tune of popular TV Series Wonderwoman) and "#Family"  (To the tune of This Is Me from the Greatest Showman movie).Lyrics for Wonder Woman Taylor Greene  (From TV Series Wonder Woman)