Wipf and Stock Now Distributing ‘The State of Church Giving through 2014: Speaking Truth to Power’

"The affluence spreading across the U.S., in an especially broad way since World War II, has run rampant over church members, who receive little or no guidance from church leaders also trying to ride the wave. "Church people in the U.S. They offer various theories. Many people have tried to explain why there is a decline in the church in the U.S. "Except one. None account for the unceasing declines in virtually all traditions of the church. "This chapter will explore these themes and consider a solution: repent and mobilize." have been misusing their power …"Without understanding the truth, the church will continue to weaken. "Church people in America are a power bloc.
The empty tomb series documents church giving and membership patterns in the U.S. The introduction to chapter 8 reads: The eighth chapter puts the giving and membership trends into a larger context, including Jesus Christ’s statement, "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32, NIV). is now available through Wipf and Stock. The numbers indicate declines over decades in both giving as a percent of income and membership as a percent of population. Contact: Sylvia Ronsvalle, 217-356-9519, [email protected] CHAMPAIGN, Ill., March 9, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — The State of Church Giving series published by empty tomb, inc. Even so, giving to religion remains the largest charitable category among Americans. The most recent edition, the 26th in the series, updates data through 2014.Seven chapters consider different aspects of the changing data patterns of the church in the U.S. over multiple decades.

From biblical studies to classic theology, poetry to history, our authors are experts, scholars, and artists. By combining innovative technology with academic excellence we are able to produce affordable books of enduring value." The State of Church Giving through 2014: Speaking Truth to Power is the 26th edition in the series published by empty tomb, inc., and was released in October 2016. The book can be ordered from Wipf and Stock, or through Amazon.com. Orders can also be placed directly through Wipf and Stock Customer Service by phone at 541-344-1528 or email: [email protected].  Wipf and Stock Publishers, based in Eugene, Oregon, describes their mission in part: "We believe in voice and breadth.