Why Fans Hate DaBaby & City Girls “Throat Baby” Remix But Loves BRS Kash Original

(@HardenIsRage13) January 22, 2021

DaBaby after steppin on that snowboard: pic.twitter.com/eWV64EhHOc
— Nick Robinson (@Babylonian) January 22, 2021

But have y’all seen #ThroatBabyVideo?? The Charlotte rapper keeps his dual role of rapper and surfer until he’s hit by a huge wave. How about their take on Mount Rushmore, which really should be renamed Mouth Rushmore for this epic female-only transformation. The rapper was almost abducted by aliens towards the end of “Levi High” with his girlfriend DaniLeigh. The City Girls duo of JT and Yung Miami make their dolled up appearance shortly after. it’s jusstttt the perfect amount of ghetto & nasty I needed. Still, quite a lot goes down before Dababy takes on the waves. BRS Kash plays a number of quack roles throughout the clip, such as an incompetent firefighter, a risque pediatrician, and a tv-show host. pic.twitter.com/qDW6fHcqwo
— Bearded Rager ?? but the creativity & visuals giving me them 106 & Park vibes ?? * bae she said spit where again * #ThroatBabyRemix #ThroatBabyVideo pic.twitter.com/tByzzlnlch
— Gumbo Red (@gumbored) January 23, 2021

Facebook With just a minute into the clip, Dababy grabs his surfboard and enjoys a wet experience atop a tongue covered in a white liquid. As such, BRS Kash fans are still trying to find their bearings with the new release, as some marvel at its fun concept while others gasp at scenes such as Dababy surfing in a sea of semen. Lmaaoo
— Mattie Belle (@mynameis_BEAUTY) January 22, 2021

#ThroatBabyVideo dope asf to me , of course it’s explicit the damn song called throat baby? Fans have been voicing their disdain for DaBaby and City Girls “Throat Baby
BRS Kash had one of the raunchiest singles of 2020 when he released his melody-driven joint “Throat Baby.” The rapper decided to strip back some of the melodic elements for the video remix but cashed all his chips on the video’s creativity. back when artists tried to make videos entertaining @BRSKash #Salute
— King Jones The 1st (@KingJonesINC) January 22, 2021

WHEN Yung Miami started “rapping #ThroatBabyVideo pic.twitter.com/MbNLUG0wlk
— J’adore ??? Blank Square Productions went for the most flamboyant interpretation of the song’s theme imaginable. AYO They really had Dababy surfing on SEMEN inside a girls mouth for the Throat Baby video and nobody was like ayo this is not a good idea ?? There are still a ton of debates surrounding the vocal abilities of the Southern girls. JT showed that her throat is capable of holding a few notes, but her counterpart decided to keep that gritty flow perfected on tracks such as “Act Up” and “Twerk.”
“Throat Baby” remix comes packaged with lyrics that will have you saying ‘hmmm.’
“I’m his baby mama we got no kids,” raps JT to draw the curtains on the features. This is not the first time that we have seen Dababy go crazy for a role in his music video. Those real nasty lyrics that u lowkey take notes to ?. By all accounts, we can assume that Kash’s intent was to create a comedic version of Cardi B’s “WAP.” Here’s how Twitter is reacting to it so far. (@Jaelashay_) January 22, 2021

Of course @ThegirlJT and @YungMiami305 did they damn thang. DaBaby and BRS play astronauts in a computer-generated replica of NASA’s Space Launch System [SLS.] That scene transitions to a beautiful garden where a couple of female heads are being grown.