Unleashed Power – The Envoy Of Sophistry Lyrics

UNLEASHED POWERThe Envoy Of Sophistry Lyrics
perpetual absurdity
festered by incredulity
unreasonable and closed minded
resolutions uninvited
thrive on inert disputation
revel in equivocation
reverberate the futile task
to discard the trothless mask
tantalized impetuous and tense
dereliction of benevolence
the omission of faith and facts
validity of everyday acts
the envoy of sophistry
dwelling in disappointment
and restrained by bewilderment
misinterpret sum and substance
progressing the mind’s impotence
the envoy of sophistry
probing the anesthetic insight
respite to resolve or recite
committed into transgressions
no time for lasting impressions
never to achieve fruition
and transcend the limitation
a journey through a narrow path
to amplify anger and wrath