Trying To Figure It Out Lyrics – Trae Tha Truth

Trying to figure it out again
They have me going around in circles
Even when I don’t deserve it
I know it’s gotta be worth it
So I’m trying to figure it out again
They got me going around in circles
I’ve been trying to stay focus
Even if you didn’t notice
In my arms (do you see it)
Inside my arms
Look yea it’s funny how life ain’t shit until you see the worst
Seen the pain felt by someone you love laying in a hearse
Like some of those feelings extinct
Everything down the drain you just stuck in the sink
Barely hold on but everything wrong with you gotta shot
Ready for the long road like you wouldn’t block
Your feelings over but it’s not searching for slots
Trying to get in where you can fit
Like someone on the top waiting on you
You hurting and your people hating
You ain’t ever did them a thing and they heal saton on yah damn
All hope keep breaking on you
Trying to figure why you lose why they faking on you
I feel you called up in int the permanent ways
Whole body going numb you been hurting for days
You don’t know which way to go
Stuck in the maze
So I’m hiding in the church where they hiding for prayers
At the end of the tunnel light so bright so
Sometimes you gotta fight without might
Face it Life seems nothing is going right
It’s not that quite but until you trying to focus
I know you about to fall just pray
Ain’t nobody notice door closing but
Not body but you is chosen
And get that blessing you feeling belly rolling
Time ain’t left at all like it’s something stolen still
Trying to straighten up and hope that it’s never over
I make you believe yeah
I will I will I will