Trey Songz Being Investigated For Alleged Hit-And-Run

He’s presently facing a lawsuit for allegedly punching a bartender who was working at a Cardi B concert in 2019. Share this:

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Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) However, the artist had already left the scene of the accident. The incident occurred around midnight on Thursday, police say. This latest incident is just one of a few incidents showing the artist having an uncontrollable anger problem. He also recently narrowly escaped charges after an altercation at a Kansas City playoff game with a police officer. A woman is accusing artist Trey Songz of hit-and-run in which she says he hit her car, leaving her suffering an injury to her hand before driving off. At this point, she gets out of her car to confront him, but she says he then speeds off, hitting her hand in the process. The woman has reported the incident to the police, which has been confirmed by police according to Celebrity news site TMZ. She then reported the matter to the police who took a report. The argument reportedly escalated, and the woman alleges that Trey Songz used his car to bump into the woman’s car. Songz allegedly stood on the bar but became enraged after he was moved off, hitting the bartender in the head. Meanwhile, the artist has denied the allegations TMZ reported. According to the police, what appeared to be an incident of road rage went a little too far as the “Na Na” singer and the woman were involved in an argument while they were sitting in their respective cars. That incident stemmed from the artist refusing to wear a mask.