Trapo – Break From Me

Right [Intro]
Is foreplay the move today? Let this liquor replenish your spirit
Couple hours have passed, a couple days are done
I sent you back on the way
On the road in Ohio, I had a meeting today
Slam the door in Ohio, I get a text from her mom
My daughter just got a job, so eat a dick ’cause she’s fine

Great for me
Vacation or something
Was waitin’ for you
Was waitin’ for something
In need of a woman
Who tell me the truth
Break from me (was waitin’ for you, you)
[Verse 2]
I remain jubilant
No diss is getting to me, no diss is getting to me
The other day homie say ain’t mean to stop you
But who that girl you would talk to in high school
The one with the nice boobs and all, I’ll wait
Looking fused in office, stayin’ confused and all
Ready to throw a punch, I wonder if it would land
Wonder if this is right, wonder, I pause
Like for a moment, our skin tone make us special
I should try and uplift you
‘Stead of birthing my opposition
Wanna be optimistic
But the dead, poor, in jail cloud the vision for a nigga
Ain’t shit promised but vagina and a sentence for a nigga
Ain’t shit promised but my mama in the kitchen for a minute
Stomach growling, still hear it
Waiting hours, still hear it
Taking showers, still hear it
Ain’t shit promised for a nigga but our spirit
You should fear and take a break from me
Away from me I said, I need a smoke to clear my head

Vacation or something
A blunt and a nap
Been spent all my cash
Ain’t workin’ for no one
‘Least nobody yet
Break from me (right, right)
Ain’t workin’ for no one
Which nigga are you? Sweats or designer jeans? Hopeless and confused, education abused
Graduation to lose, channel two
A new nigga on the street
A new statistic
Another dream gone bad
Another song song sad
We pray for better days, wedding rings, and finer things
Which nigga are you? Swisher wraps and booze, more ways to move, yeah
Swear this ride
Ain’t so bad at all
I think you need a
Break from me
Vacation or something
A blunt and a nap
Been spent all my cash
Ain’t workin’ for no one
‘Least nobody yet
Right, right (right)
[Verse 1]
Funny how this time you’re the one that’s throwin’ the tantrum
Wanted to be romantic
How do I make you better?