Tom Lehrer – We Will All Go Together When We Go lyrics

No more ashes, no more sackcloth. The 3 was silent, you see. Down by the old maelstrom,
There’ll be a storm before the calm. With complete participation
In that grand incineration,
Nearly three billion hunks of well-done steak. And we will all go together when we go. Like so many contemporary philosophers he especially enjoyed giving helpful
Advice to people who were happier than he was. And we will all bake together when we bake. There’ll be nobody present at the wake. There will be no more misery
When the world is our rotisserie,
Yes, we will all fry together when we fry. And you may have thought it tragic,
Not to mention other adjec-
Tives, to think of all the weeping they will do. Oh we will all fry together when we fry. There’ll be no need to stand and wait your turn. When you attend a funeral,
It is sad to think that sooner or
Later those you love will do the same for you. Oh we will all char together when we char. We will all go together when we go. Ev’ry hottenhot and ev’ry eskimo. And an armband made of black cloth
Will some day never more adorn a sleeve. I particularly remember a heart-warming
Novel of his about a young necrophiliac who finally achieved his boy-hood ambition by becoming coroner. Universal bereavement,
An inspiring achievement,
Yes, we all will go together when we go. When the air becomes uranious,
And we will all go simultaneous. And we will all go together when we go. You will all go directly to your respective valhallas. What a comforting fact that is to know. In addition to writing he indulged in a good deal of philosophizing. Yes we all will go together
When we all go together,
Yes we all will go together when we go. But don’t you worry. When it’s time for the fallout
And saint peter calls us all out,
We’ll just drop our agendas and adjourn. Just sing out a te deum
When you see that I.C.B.M.,
And the party will be “come as you are.”
Oh we will all burn together when we burn. And let there be no moaning of the bar. This one might more accurately be termed a survival hymn. For if the bomb that drops on you
Gets your friends and neighbors too,
There’ll be nobody left behind to grieve. One particular bit of advice which I recall, which is the reason I bring up this whole, dreary story is something he said once before they took him away to
The massachussetts state home for the bewilderd. I am reminded at this point of a fellow I used to know who’s name was henry, only to give you an idea of what an individualist he was he spelt it hen3ry. The rest of you can look it up when you get home. Henry was finally independent, having inherited his father’s tar-and-feather business, and was therefore able to devote his full time to such intellectual pursuits as writing. Go directly, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dolla’s. He said: “life is like a sewer: what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.” it’s always seems to me that this is precisely the
Sort of dynamic, positive thinking that we so desperately need in these trying times of crisis and universal broo-ha-ha, and so with this in mind I have here a modern positive dynamic uplifting
In the tradition of the great old revival hymns. All suffuse with an incandescent glow. No one will have the endurance
To collect on his insurance,
Lloyd’s of London will be loaded when they go. We’ll be french fried potatoes by and by.