Tobe Nwigwe – A Revealing Freestyle Lyrics

Steve Stoute and Master P gave me the recipe
And hell, I did it independent ain’t no label standing next to me
Beyonce ain’t the only child out of the H that had a destiny
Fat led Intercessory, Nell producer of the century
Be mindful when you mention me shooters get it in for me
Nina sing like Simone if you harm anyone that’s kin to me
That’s just how it is baby that’s just how we rocking
Just started trading stocks dust gon put me up on options
Started from the bottom now they treat my bars like doctrine
Only allergy I have is being broke I’m good on pollen
Shout out to them frauds I know that lifestyle is exhausting
I pray you face your demons for you deep inside a coffin
I grew up round them heathens far from Eden and the prophets but manoeuvre like a deacon for those seeking for the faucet
That provides hydration every line is like a sip
I resonate with Nipsey I spent time around the crips
My hood think I’m divine cause I stayed dine and I ain’t switch
And I got mo sauce than Heinz that’s why I design all my fits
Hell yea I’m rich but it ain’t just financial
We built this hoe with nothing but Nike socks Nike sandals
Got a wife got some kids but I ain’t never had a scandal
In the midst of all the harlots and the thots tryna get samples
Of young Tob peen y’all know what I mean
Popped up twice looking lovely on the scene
Swerve and I swing fat be the queen
And lowkey she pregnant as hell we just ain’t said a thing
Kid number three or maybe even four
We only been to one doctor visit hell we don’t even know
But it’s going down young black in love
Before I lay me down to sleep I shoot up the club
Gon show me love miss me with the hate
She thought that period was coming I said hell naw it ain’t late
That thing ain’t coming
Aight that’s it [Intro]
The vinyls are here
And in
The spirit of get twisted Sundays
We gon do something special for the city of houston
So if you’re not from Houston just act like you are you feel me
Ayy look
Might just stop rapping just to give you boys a chance
MC Hammer, how I rap with choreo and dance
I could put a song out with no chorus, it still jam
Nozzle long as stegosaurus on the pistol in my pants
But I’m non-violent word to Martin and Coretta
Just keep the red dot beaming for the demons with vendettas
I know they hate to see the child of yah cheesed up with cheddar
With a aura that’s indicative of the alpha and omega
Big words for you nerds, a big dub for the west
Just chopped it up with Nas, Diddy hit me on the text
Lowkey it was a Facetime, but I ain’t even tryna flex
I’m just saying I was broke and now I’m rocking with the best
Young black and blessed in the land of the treachery
Wife good kids good pocket full of celery