Timeflies – Nobody Has To Know Lyrics

TIMEFLIESNobody Has To Know Lyrics
Girl like the heat of the summer
It was late in July
And you know the daylight was fading
And when you finally arrived
I was standing there waiting
You needed no introduction
Pardon while I stare in amazement
You had me simple seduction
It was a country night fire with the moonlight
Cold beer, friday feeling real nice
Back door swinging in the breeze
Everybody in the backyard listening to me sing
Nobody has to know
About you and me
About you and me
I said, nobody has to know
But I wish they’d see
Oh, I wish they’d see
But nobody has to know
[Verse 2]
Don’t think too much, it f**ks everything up
Like as soon as there’s love, I can’t run fast enough
But not this time, it’s December in the city
No, it’s only been a little while
Had our first date in the clouds, clouds
Still haven’t come down, down
I was hopeless, I was falling
We were texting, I was calling
Then we f**ked until the morning
I can’t help it, I was all in
You know that