Theovertunes – Let You Go Lyrics

Would you have let me go? [Verse 1]
We just can’t be together, it wouldn’t be forever
Those words stuck inside my head
It was all okay till you went away
When you said its over
You left my heart begging
What if I told you so? Would you be coming home? See, I’m not here to blame
But you act as if it’s just a game
Such a shame, but I just can’t let go
What if I told you so? ‘Cause I’m still running to you
What if I let you go? The way I need you now
[Verse 2]
It was not the ending, it was just the beginning
I am broken, breaking down in tears
Could it only be me, or do you feel it too? Then would you miss me so? And we’d be flying Then would you miss me so? ‘Cause I’m still dying
And what if I don’t let go?