The Sound of the One New Man is Being Unlocked and Released to all the Nations in 2017–the Hebrew Year of 5777

Mallory, Kingdom Life Builders Int’l Ministries

Tweet I especially recommend this book to all leaders in the body of Christ. Rogers’ newest release, "Who Is Israel? God is raising up a new breed of reformers who will be called the "Repairers of the Breach," because they will help orchestrate and execute the total restoration and reconciliation of all things, especially concerning all Israel. This final reformation shall usher in the final Great Awakening to all the nations. "This book is a masterpiece due to the wealth of information it contains. Discovering Our True Identity in Jesus Christ and Why It Matters!" Book 1: The Foundation. This book is the first of a three-part series of four transformational and revolutionary books, which shall be used as a catalyst to usher in monumental "reformation" to the body of Christ worldwide. Contact: Donna Rogers, 813-230-6369TAMPA, Fla., July 17, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Announcing ordained Minister Donna M. Book 1 of this three-part series describes how, in 2017, in the Hebrew year of 5777, God is finishing the work that Luther, Calvin, and many others started. "Who is Israel?" is the question the body of Christ must answer before it’s possible to fully understand the fundamental purpose of the Bible—who we are in Christ, and why it matters! These books will dispel the lies, and confront the great apostasy taking place in the body of Christ.Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther, Calvin, and other reformers initiated the Protestant Reformation. Get ready for a life-changing experience." ~ Overseer Jerry S. Unfortunately, God’s people are perishing from a lack of knowledge based on the whole counsel of His Word, His everlasting covenants, and a lack of understanding of their Hebraic roots in Christianity.Satan has orchestrated the greatest "identity" theft throughout the synergy of the ages, in order to kill, steal, and destroy the birthright and inheritance of God’s sons and daughters in Christ, which is based on the everlasting covenant God established with Abraham and his descendants.Jesus Christ is coming back soon for His triumphant, glorious bride who is fully mature in Him and lacking nothing. You will be delighted that you purchased and read this book because your walk with God will never be the same. The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" Yet our bridegroom will not appear a second time until His beloved bride discovers her true identity in Him, understands who Israel is, and why it matters!