The Man Child Starts, Asking for Serious Believers, Book Online Explains End-Time Rapture Truth

Those who seek, discover, and apply His perfection grow more perfect and those who don’t remain imperfect by default. All of First Pope Paul’s denominations will be left behind and suffer plagues. The philosophy of absolute perfection is greater than perfection of any field. The writings of Paul are a handbook of prostitution. 16:18-19 so they will be humbled to obey Rev. The rod of iron clause in Rev. Asking President Trump to save the world was refused.""The Man Child is needed to turn the world to Jesus by force of serious rod of iron prayers to love Jesus and cast out Satan. It is the power to smash nations, not praying to create good feelings.""Those who do not obey Jesus and prepare can try again after suffering Rev. First Pope Paul is least in Jesus’ Kingdom, and those who follow his example may be saved but are not worth taking to heaven until they obey Rev. The man child will help unite people under Jesus first.""It’s fine to talk about the rapture of the church but denominations are not church according to Revelation 17:5. You can fill yourself with the best truth there is or garbage. 2:26-27. 18:4. God the Father is absolute perfection and Jesus is absolute perfection in human form. Jesus’ Gospel is the very best truth." Contact: Kirk W. Fraser, Overcomer, 503-308-8749; CLATSKANIE, Ore., March 22, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Kirk Fraser announces the Man Child in Isaiah 66:7 and Revelation 12:5 must start to prepare for the pre-tribulation ascension or rapture projected for 2024."Christianity today is a mess – if you were God the Father, would you invite people of competing denominations who teach ministries other than Jesus’ Gospel and people more loyal to them than Jesus to heaven to practice their divided loyalties like they do on earth? 12:5 is explained in Rev. Jesus’ man child is His church. 18:4 to walk with God personally.""Christian politicians refuse to obey the Constitution to make schools teach Jesus’ gospel explanation refused by Oregon Congressmen, Legislators, and Columbia County Precinct Chair. 3:10 to escape the time of tribulation."Everyone has a choice on what to program themselves with. Those who start obeying the Gospel but backslide to Paul the least Christian of all, are unworthy of the promise in Rev.