The Doppelgangaz – Die 4 It (Dopp Hopp Album)

[Verse 1: EP]
Don’t let the Pack spook you with the fungus, perhaps yucca
He could hack hookah, eating hummus and shakshuka
Went from Hunan Chicken to punan stickin’ to Quicken
The bread’s drying up just like a crouton, listen
From the futon out in Luzon, tripping, we dipping
Sipping oolong back to Yukon, skipping prison
Thats what gods do, from in the red to money out the wazoo
Liquid never red like money menopausal
Awful, but never left a blemish on a tyrant
It’s Dopp, cloaked out lop, flemish giant
All impostors, Euro descent, fake rastas
In Crete, euros get spent on Mpougatsa
You gots to, before you leave get the candles
Gangaz roll with thieves and vandals in Teva sandals
TMZ, read the scandals, third degree when he brand you
He acting brand new, peep the handle

[Hook] x2
Yeah, say yeah
All my Gangaz say yeah
Tell me if you’re not scared
To Die for it
[Verse 2: Matter ov Fact]
I’m sweating through the pits, I’m bumping "2 Legit 2 Quit"
I got some loot to get, ain’t got no time to shoot the shit
When you got shit to do, took a piss in the Pishadoo
Threw the deuces up and then I bid the bish adieu
She’s from Alabama, underbite with the mean stammer
Got a temper on her like she got hit with a green gamma
Cause a mall scene Walgreens scammer
She down to hit my balls and my peen with the ball peen hammer
That’s dedication, in world that’s trife and grim
I’m risking life and limb, more than abrasions to the skin
I’m talking hemorrhages, survival rate, low percentages
A Ganga missing some appendages
But we just patch up where the spillage is
I make it up to fifty five, I’m moving to the villages
Down in Florida state and going on all sorta dates
With chicks with names like Lenora Bates who fornicate Yeah

[Hook] x2
Yeah, say yeah
All my Gangaz say yeah
Tell me if you’re not scared
To Die for it