The Deceitful Mark of the Beast Movies

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As a consequence, they are left wide open to various Mark of the Beast deceptions.Consider the many pre trib rapture movies. Why? 14:9-12; James 5:19,20; Gal. The antichrist doesn’t have to be openly manifest before the mark of the beast surfaces, as shown in the movies. Even the posters and pre-views are enough to mislead people about these end time events.The ultimate plan of the elitists is to connect humanity to artificial intelligence (AI) in order to monitor and control every person. Very serious trouble will start for them, especially after the POST trib rapture when the wrath of God hits this planet.The saints need to KNOW there is no eternal security (Rev. In reality, we are getting very close to the actual point where no one will be able to "buy or sell" without such a mark on the right hand or forehead (Rev. Their collective negative impact has been staggering, as multitudes of Christians have been duped into thinking they will not even be here to see the Mark of the Beast but, instead, will be snatched away beforehand in the rapture. 3:14, etc.), no pre trib rapture (2 Thess. Their blasphemous plan will ultimately fail and, in the end, they themselves will be thrown into the lake of burning sulfur.On their way to dominate and change the world, they are also destroying the earth in the process. Not because of scripture, but because of what they saw in the movies. It is now speeding its way to the forefront and, according to ID2020 Alliance, one will have to participate in their system (which means to vaccinate) in order to"buy or sell," just as the Bible states would happen with the Mark of the Beast (Rev. Their experiment on the population, through this technology, also includes developing and obtaining unending, eternal physical life and good health for themselves. 1-3; Mark 13:24-27; etc.) and the infamous mark of the beast (Rev. How could the hour be so late and the evidence so clear and, yet, so many cannot even see it? The development of this QDT bodily vaccination mark technology was the very reason Bill Gates went to MIT. Unfortunately, even decades after viewing such movies, many professing Christians seem to think our end time events are going to unfold just as they saw in their favorite movie. As destructive as popular false prophets and false teachers can be, far worse for some are the popular, end times pre trib rapture and Mark of the Beast MOVIES. 14:9-12). Consequently, God will, in turn, destroy them (Rev. Our days are very perilous and FILLED WITH DECEIT, especially from popular Christian movies. These movies have mostly been tools of the devil to subtly mislead and set up our generation for LETHAL DECEPTION about the soon coming Mark of the Beast.As of right now in March 2021, there is already a scannable vaccination mark on the right hand of some of the vaccine recipients in Israel, enabling them to get past the guard to enter a shopping area! 6:8,9; Heb. This final step is coming soon. 13:16,17). The devil has certainly used "Christian" movies to deceive multitudes while some involved have gotten very rich and popular through them at the expense of precious souls.As we now know, the need for the well-known RFID chip is old technology; they now have the invisible-to-the-naked-eye quantum dot tattoo (QDT) with LUCIFERase coming via the microneedle "smart patch" vaccine, which looks like a piece of velcro on a band-aid. 3:18; etc.). Time is very short and people are walking in all kinds of massive deception, much of which is caused by movies. This QDT bodily mark will be the proof of vaccination ID and will replace both the current vaccination card as well as the digital proof of vaccine (or "vaccine passports"). 13:16,17).The events since the start of 2020 show that the first two seals have already been broken, with the third seal of hyperinflation and famine being very close, while seal 4 includes the faithful being slain (martyred). The acting, as well as the memorable, action-packed scenes, images and sounds, have produced spiritual deception as it has also yielded movie sales and profits.Hardly much of anything in such movies is scriptural, except for the mention of certain biblical terms and events. The Bible, for many in our day, seems to have been replaced with "Christian" movies.Has even one of the end time movies ever shown the Mark of Beast surfacing from a fake pandemic and toxic, untested, unapproved and gene-altering vaccines, "necessary" (forced on the people) in order to travel, go to work, attend large gatherings, and otherwise "get back to normal?" Answer: NONE to my knowledge! 5:12; Jn. It is also implied they that were slain for wisely rejecting the mark. Their faulty hope of such a counterfeit form of ‘eternal life’ is surely not the true eternal life of the Bible made possible only through the PRECIOUS Lord Jesus Christ (1 Jn. 13:16-18) is getting very close and must be rejected to avoid unending torment in burning sulfur (Rev. This smart patch can even be self-administered and will place an invisible-to-the-naked-eye mark on the body at the same time as the vaccine. 11:18). To read more, click here