The Chairman s Intent – Action Bronson lyrics

Uh, I started clapping when the chef brought the duck to the table
Uh, that s**t was shining like an angel
I never trust a dude named ‘Angel’
Long sleeved 4/5th’s, turn them into an angel
Sky opened up and down came me
Young AB, flowing in a Jag from the 80s
Tanned like I just left Haiti
Looking like I had mad plastic surgery
They turned Bam Bam Chinese
And that’s fine by me
S**t, I need some time to realign my Chi
So b***h please pass that .. (x4)
Switch a maze on these bitches like, whoop
Switch a maze on these bitches like, whoop
Watch the fifth wheel fall
From this top floor view, I can see it all
Yeah, man
From this top floor view, I can see it all. You don’t even know meee. But motherf*ckers forget
Till I’m back up on the set
Every motherf*cking jump shot wet
Same outfit every day like a cartoon (that’s me!)
Uh, they’ll never find you in a shark suit
And there will never be a part two
S**t, you’re looking at some motherf*cking art, boo.(the chairman s intent)
Two pumps from the inhaler got me feeling like Morris Taylor
Two kisses on the cheek for my tailor
I got the soul of an Amazon Healer
Better be sure to put them cameras on
Turn dreams into real s**t
Yeah, I might be sick
Sitting cross-eyed, I’m likely lit
Draw blood, I’m already made
But little man will cut your face like wedding cake. Before I get upset homie. You don’t even know me. (x4)
Action Bronson lyrics
Video intent Lyrics Action Bronson – The Chairman s intent
Yo, these sixteen bars cost sixteen cars
Kiss these balls, b***h, we stars
f*ck that s**t, you ain’t hot like Prince
You got little shine, but not like this
Time crumbles when the jet black M5 rumbles
All from what I did last summer?