The 700 Club: How Sexual Orgasms Tricked Jordone Branch and How She Fought Back

I wanted to live right for Him." After dedicating her life back to God, Branch began to change her habits. Her life took a turn when she met a man at a networking conference, agreed to go on a date, and became a victim of date rape.After being raped, Jordone became suicidal again. In college, she became promiscuous, enjoyed the night life, drunken behavior, and fell into an addiction to marijuana. "I felt like I wanted to be accepted by people and I wasn’t," Branch says on The 700 club. And swallowed all of the 31 pills in the bottle. By high school, she couldn’t take the bullying anymore, "And I took a bottle of Ibuprofen from the kitchen. "Having sex was how I covered up my pain. I’ve been wrong. Branch says the conversation opened her eyes to her life, "After that I remember going home and I just started crying and I just told God, like oh I get it now. I just told Him I wanted to rededicate my life to Him. Share
Tweet One day, while going out to lunch with a friend, Branch’s friend began to talk to her about Jesus. You know, and I’m sorry. Contact: Jordone Branch, 803-535-9833, [email protected] ORANGEBURG, S.C., March 29, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — In recent news, Christian author and bestselling editor Jordone Branch was featured on The 700 Club with Pat Robertson for sharing her testimony of overcoming promiscuity, addiction, a suicidal attempt, and the guilt of rape. "I might have felt depressed at one point in time, but instead of trying to go have sex outside of marriage, I would go pray and talk to the Lord about it." Jordone now reaches out to help other women and girls through her book. Yet, only minutes later, I was back to being reminded of my insecurities and the havoc that stemmed from trying to cover them up in the false hope of being saved by idols." In what was once a story of failure and embarrassment, God now uses Branch’s story to help millions of women and teen girls overcome the difficulties of living for God.Rejection, desperation to be loved, and isolation are some of the root causes that Branch says caused her stormy past. But, this time, God had other plans for her life. Branch’s lack of acceptance from her peers left her feeling lonely and insecure. She’s engaged to be married and resides in Orangeburg, SC. In her book, I Believe in God, Now What?, Jordone writes about her testimony as she states, "For a moment’s time after a sexual orgasm, I would feel great. When I was being promiscuous and getting high, I wasn’t thinking about my pain or problems," Branch says. And by the grace of God I threw them all up." After her suicide attempt, Jordone shares with The 700 club that she began to pursue other activities to fill her voids.