Terror in England: President Trump’s Speech is a Start, but Could There be More?

It is part of a battle plan…part of Jihad…as clearly delineated by Muhammad, the Founder of Islam."Israel’s foreign policy experts have long warned western nations: this type of terrorism is part of the root and branch of Islamic Fundamentalism."President Trump called on Muslim nations to deal with Muslim terrorists, but will they? "Islamic terrorists are following a 1,400 year old narrative, found in their most revered holy books." "Last nights murderous terror attack in England is not a surprise, nor a mystery.
WWMD? "’What Would Muhammad Do?’ is the best Movie Series/TV production on the life of Muhammad and Islamic terrorism that has ever been produced. is more than recommended, it is a necessity if we are to understand Islam and Islamic terrorism…and then defeat it." — Dr. These books and sources can be seen and read in the two episodes available online for all members of the media.Go to www.wwmd-tv.com to view two episodes of this highly acclaimed documentary. The ultimate weapon to defeat Islamic terror – oddly enough – is the record of Muhammad’s life, the Founder of Islam. uses primary Islamic sources (Quran, Hadiths, and Siras) to definitively spell out Islamic doctrine. This spectacular documentary is the best I’ve seen…perfect for students, persons of all faiths – including Muslims – who will find it even more revealing!" — Lt Col Roy White (ret), San Antonio TX

Tweet WWMD? ‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ (WWMD?) shows us Muhammad in easy to understand lessons. Bill Warner, ​Author; "Sharia Law for Non-Muslims," and "The Life of Muhammad," (and 13 other books on Islam and Islamic terrorism.)"Randall Terry’s 10 part documentary ‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ (WWMD?) is a visually engaging masterpiece explaining the truth about Islam.
Terry states: Contact: Randall Terry, 304-289-3700 WASHINGTON, May 22, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Randall Terry, Producer: "What Would Muhammad Do? Islamic Terrorism Explained." MA, Diplomacy and International Terrorism, Norwich University.Mr.