Team Breezy Crowns Chris Brown A Legend As Singer Trends For The Right Reason

Everyone is hoping 2021 will be a fresh start, and it looks like Breezy might finally have a real chance to turn a new leaf in his life going into the new year. #BUHARI IS A BITCH (@Oluwatobisteph6) January 13, 2021

Chris Brown is the most awarded male artist in the Soul Trains Music Awards HISTORY and is only 4 wins away to being the most awarded overall…KING. Billboard Hot 100: #5(+1) Go Crazy, @chrisbrown & @youngthug [35 weeks]. (@christ0pha) January 13, 2021

Chris Brown haters getting ready to write their think pieces about him for something he did in 2009 every time he trends for something positive
— kj (@KJjpe) January 13, 2021

The Year Was 2011. The success of “Go Crazy” might mark a road to redemption for Brown since those streaming the song are obviously willing to forgive and forget, or perhaps are just more concerned about the music than Chris’ tumultuous past. Here’s what some Team Breezy fans are saying on Twitter.
— heartbreak on a full moon. Fans are sharing their excitement for the singer online as well, expressing their relief that his name is finally trending for positive reasons rather than new drama. (@1DJFirstClass) January 13, 2021

Since Chris Brown is trending some quick facts
— Robin (@robinttttt) January 13, 2021

Chris brown haters realizing they're 30 page essay on why he's a bad person doesn't have any effect on his career and him being legendary
— JAY GLO (@Treajon_Jc) January 13, 2021

Since Chris Brown is still trending, a reminder that Take You Down was a moment. Chris Brown and his image have evolved dramatically since he first hit the music scene as a teenager. Since his reputation suffered some major blows due to several scandals, he hasn’t had the benefit of a squeaky clean image when attempting to top the charts.
— DJ First Class™? Is Chris Brown a music legend? *new peak*
— chart data (@chartdata) January 11, 2021

“Go Crazy” first dropped way back in May of 2020, making its climb up the chart even more impressive nearly eight months later. Chris Brown is now trending on Twitter thanks to his collaborative single with Young Thug, “Go Crazy.” The track has hit No. Since then, Chris’ name has been brought up several more times in relation to scandal and criminal activity, making it hard for fans to stay loyal to him despite his obvious talent. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Chris’ biggest radio hit since 2008. The singer famously assaulted his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, resulting in brutal pictures of Rih’s injuries being plastered all over the internet. (@christ0pha) January 13, 2021

Name something Chris brown can’t do , I’ll wait.? (@christ0pha) January 12, 2021

— Stevegold? Since Chris Brown is still trending, a reminder that Take You Down was a moment. However, considering his many setbacks, he has managed to stay impressively relevant by continuing to put out quality hits and simply reminding the world that he still has an amazing voice and iconic dance skills.
— heartbreak on a full moon. Ace Hood & Chris Brown Did What Needed To Be Done. It is no mystery why Chris Brown’s commercial success took a major dip after 2008.
— heartbreak on a full moon.