Tabby – Umami (White Trash Album)

Trove of cabbage crammed in zags & smoked
Yeah, your slop got hogs herding
Me? Fuck it. Ya’ll put real coin towards Cam gals to squirt
The token snow maestro capture Tolken’s work
In single stanzas. Spit in the caviar. [Hook]
Damn girl
Let me get it
Let me get it
Damn girl
Let me get it
Let me get it
Damn girl
Let me get it
Let me get it
Nah, fuck that
I chose the sofa over queen sized
Yolk over steamed rice
Meditate to keep chi warm as steeped chai
Be warned, he seems nice;
Under skin lies a beast of a feline
Drag a dude like a rip of the peace pipe
Then chuck the duce. Rap’s a good match
These goofy goons got groupies grooving
Tune in, tots! You realize a lot of people face relative fears and desire to prove that their inherited negativity can be transformed into something positive and tangible. Curses! Boom. Got sucked off while watching Bob’s Burgers
Villain an exquisite mystic. Instead of identifying by his anxiety, he chose to use it as fuel for his art. I’m snatching Spans of attention whores who charge
For expansions and fan polaroids
Saltines salty he ran from Campbell’s, floored
Damsels after Link damaged; man’s Gannendorf
Can it, dork. And then there’s times where he’s cocky as a motherfucker for no goddamn reason Wait
Two times ain’t enough. Screw politeness, loser
Dupe your crew into hazardous fumes
Gasping’s all too familiar; happens when you’re asked to spit. See trouble in cheeched eyes
Forbidden fruit seems ripe, solid chomp for
Team and three Vines will free mind
No budging in these lines, sucka
Cut the chit chat like crotch shrubbery
Fucked with ya’ll, now nads bluer than Sully’s
Vocals buttery enough for Dean to wanna
Chop em up with some colored cutlery
Busting nuts on marble statue busts
I’m a lover of art till guards catch me
Long cardigans donned to match dong, that’s fashion
Stun samaritans with varied kicks and carry along. Porky, close the cartoon. True music’s ruined
Autotunes roll out while Prime perusing trough
Vinyls dipped in violet Sprite. Cop like, "walk a line," I’m jogging polygons perfect
Yeah officer, I’m that rad
True as Matt McConaughey cast as Batman
My dukes up, prudes, I’mma snap with Panache
Spit fuel, spark it. Oops. Play this noob to doomsday

Damn girl
Let me get it
Let me get it
Damn girl
Let me get it
Let me get it
Damn girl
Let me get it
Let me get it
See, Tabby found solace in music. Phantoms can’t lend a hand if they transparent
Flukes, go back to dad, ask for cash to pay tutors out tombs
Bangarang, Rufio do the noise that you do
I’mma free these fuckboys from the clutch of a hook
Opponents’ focus bogus, folks. (damn)
Tabby that dude who’d dip confession booth
Leave father burning baggie of pooch poo
Crooks of sin scoop youth with crooked grins
Debut tape like Godot plating couscous.