Tabby – Doozy (White Trash Album)

Woops. I’m Nissen
Eat kimchi, its heat I weave in
Strings of speech till seams start preaching
Keep up. I choose to breach
Through glass, the roof is weak
Hugh Jackman, Pool, and me
Heal fastest screwed and beat
Took Xanny, earned a seat with with the cool kids
Loot’s burning in my pocket
Two dollars feel heavy, view blurred. That’s cute, dude
Caught ya dressed in a too-too
In a personal session of FPS going "pew pew."
I’m a loose cannon like the suit’s off of Mewtwo
Popped a few ludes, Leo moves to my Uber
Driver looking real shook, saying, "we got a drooler."
Skit’s great but switch blade saying
"Humor gets neutered, dog. Face it. Dude
That’s antique. And remember, clean your earbuds you nasty, dirty, waxy eared motherfuckers. I have none
Spare fucks? And he’s got the gaul to pan me? [Intro]
I cannot be fucked with
I cannot be fucked with
I cannot be fucked with
I cannot be fucked with! Have a blessed day die-cast
Neither side ethers seeing legs through a wine glass
Craddle cries from nightstand ’cause your white ass
Doing lines fast like Flash now a dope fiend
Woke me chose flows slower than froze streams
Molting to composed monk, orange robe peeled
Stroking oak beads, spoke with the obese
Told me, "Dip a toe in the codene."
Fuck that
"Slip some shit in ’bout gold things."
Fuck that too
"Bum a stoge when you lonely."
Lymph nodes so active, throat sports a fitbit
Since the rope’s been slacking
Trunk kicking but the stool static
Your come up logic lacking like Kirk lost Spock
Average maestros go viral like their girl’s crotch
Sip molotov then lob. Not paying you to act
As my comical confidant like
Louis CK rapped Illmatic and fondled Nas
Fucking go! PhD in doom
Your screen say Windows Vista? I’m cooped in this coupe." His response
"Good one, impressive set up. Actually
Man’s Ken bald, just plastic. Woah
No one can stop him. Panties got firm hold on man meat. Don’t have one
Spare change? Older bro got away with it again
Scuffles squash beef with siblings so they put em up
Wendy watches, lost boys do not give a fuck
Dimes falling for me like school bully ankle holds
Woke to one’s tongue noogieing my pink cranium
90’s punk catered toward 90 punks skating worn rails
Hottest spot? Genius won’t help you
These beams from final Freiza zoom
Past dunce cap. Yawn, nodding off
Jaws spout so on the nose, quotes popping nollies
Chunks of words churn in gut ’till worth hurled
Shucked from rural curb this stuck & stirred pearl
Paint absurd murals, make Bansky’s work curl
Ten piggies at the market. Neat
Do that. Fact is:

[Beat Switch]
[Verse 2]
You’s a casket’s main attraction
Rappers aim high, then complain their lagging
Cut padawon braids, snip snip
To patch up rib cage of Adam
Dance break? Just loosened up the front
So boo the few who lust for unique stuff and bitch
Group up, form a new clique or cult
Who’s purpose is purse lips & suck my dick
Smalls, you’re killing me
Closed minds hold mouths open and fuck with chivalry
Purchase DirecTV, this is plastic vs. Gonna pass it to the man himself, but before I go, I just wanna personally thank you for listening. Interrupt the fuck with first Jetta vasectomy
Hahaha, well, it’s been a pleasure talking to y’all. Swatted swamp water
Spotting posses pretty pompous but ya squad just polliwogs
Quick gander at your steeze
Cue laughter, cannot breathe
Woo gals out panties? Eww
Words could be different. Bic bleeds ink
Leaves sixteens indecent
Teased, stripped me of these? Woah
Telling his conscience, "No!"
It’s like a toddler. Crimson dot noggin rocks
I’m that cracker Polly want. Broke
Tossed all my dollars towards
LP’s, fuck Prada. Toast
To all I see, raise potion like a child
Dust off the prophecy
And soul rhymed the magnum opus
Oh shit, you comically endowed
Pipsqueak. [Verse 1]
Chrome dojo for the shogun
Ever since popo went and shown guns
Bogo for a soul. It’s only one
True turds ain’t getting flushed. Clutch on a 4-0
Stow lows in the dough like some cold cuts
On the rug, gold dung from 4th horse
Folks scold Labrador.