Successful Entrepreneur Shares Keys to Wealth with College Graduates

Competition has a higher purpose than simply getting ahead. 
Wealth is not merely money. 
Hanna’s simple message, conveyed with clarity and insight, will change your views of wealth and success. Beacon Publishing Beacon Publishing was founded in 1999 and is located in North Palm Beach, Florida. Beacon is committed to publishing world-class resources that inspire people to become the best-version-of-themselves. HannaPublisher: Beacon PublishingPub date: April 26, 2017ISBN: 978-1-942611-27-2 (hardcover) Price: $14.95

Tweet This brief read is conversational, lighthearted, and inspirational — sure to resonate with new graduates who are receptive to themes of self-awareness, hope, and community. Available on Amazon and online at: Title: A Graduate’s Guide to Life: Three Things They Don’t Teach You in College That Could Make All the Difference Author: Frank J.
Hannah’s direct involvement in education reform for the last thirty years has motivated him to share fundamental life principles he believes new graduates are not exposed to in the classroom, such as: Author Frank J. A Graduate’s Guide to Life by Frank J. Hanna is a roadmap to authentic success that offers a new perspective on wealth. He has advised and served on the boards of numerous think tanks and speaks frequently about macroeconomics, education, and philanthropy. "One of the critical points I want to make here, as someone who lives and breathes every day in the world of finance, is that material wealth is inherently a function of hope." — Frank J. Hanna proposes a radically different approach to wealth and success. Hanna Contact: Kristen Whalen, 888-618-5253 ext 14NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla., May 18, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Many students are told that college will be "the best four years of your life." A Graduate’s Guide to Life reassures new college graduates that their best years are still ahead if they have a strategy that goes beyond what was learned in school. Hanna has been engaged in private equity and venture capital for over twenty-five years and is featured in the PBS documentary The Call of the Entrepreneur.
A life of happiness is simpler to attain than we imagine.