Son Of Aurelius – The Farthest Reaches Lyrics

SON OF AURELIUSThe Farthest Reaches Lyrics
The quest to steal the crown the ruler of, the gods himself
Can’t stop me now the legions guard the gates
The journey will be so long where I have gone
None of dared to venture, beasts and titans
Creatures from the depths and heavens will all attempt
To stop what will be done, to play the dominate role I will
Lay waste to divine children The cloud protector steal the thunder from a god and make it mine they try to stop me
He sends his children heroes, as I cut them down, invincible
My power confuses them all
The origin of it is still unknown
They worship me and history shall be written
All will fear the stranger, not one
From the day of birth I’ve journeyed countless years from the farthest reaches and beyond, the limitations of space and time do not apply, for the thunder I have come
From world to world I travel, searching for a relic collect the unobtainable form rulers and gods,
Desperate to find one who could possibly defeat me, in battle opponent I will die satisfied,
Endless armies of the dead have been sent to destroy me, sent to destroy me,
All that will be, left is dust with a single strike and titans crash into the earth, immortals slain by the hand so steady, the blade is sharp they meet demise before they feel any pain from my blade
I take the form of Caesar. Commodus was a coward
Now has become the one to slay, the gods and all shall bow before,
The cloud protector steal the thunder from a god they try to stop me,
He sends his children heroes as I cut them down, invincible, the power confuses them all
The farthest reaches.