Snowgoons – The Real And The Raw Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
It’s clear to me these dudes ain’t breathing the same air as me
Apparently my clarity is bringing fans near to me
Show to show severity, don’t you know it’s wearing me
But I keep grinding on my hopes inherently
Coldest flow in Seven Seas, wrote this soul of seventies
Go for broke, I’m bending knees
Hold the hope of friends in need
The hardest working inserting no burden
Will burden the verdict, diverted the vermin and murdered the circuit
Biting emcees talk a lot of shit
Bottle split, hollow tips, model chicks love to swallow dick
Me? I don’t bother with, barely acknowledge it
Only thing I ever bit? I am I am
Two truths: I don’t take the stand, to bare love’s hand
I’m no rat and I don’t wear no wires
I rain fire, bitch niggas gotta call me sire
You okay with them punchlines
But I would devour your whole career in a lunch line at crunchtime
You just nibble on your rappers, I munch mine
You chew em too long, I eat a bunch at one time
I’m Walter Payton Ricky Williams combined
Blowing weed at the NFL come by to unwind
You the type to be unsigned with hype
For so long you could’ve blown but never really quite
Doing it ten years and that shit ain’t right
So I’m cutting off the light, goodnight, it’s all over
[Verse 3:]
It’s an automatic slaughter, caught em walking, talking louder
Nah I caught em, pop n’ locked and rocked the noggin out of order, listen
Been dope since the thin rope tied my tummy
Write music for my fans not the pride money
Building the career until the ceiling interfere
I breathe out knowledge, put the healing in the air
Appealing with the snare [?], noticed internationally
Dealing with the fear, haters focusing on passing me
Talk a lot of this and that, acting like their pistol claps
Acting like aristocrats, fact is that they’re missing facts
I pen my soul, they spend their dough
My flow’s frozen like ten below
The best in the game, best invest in the name
Yes I’m destined for fame, rest get left in the rain
Best believe the hype, I’ll lead riots till the hopeless can see the light
[Chorus] My bottom lip
[Verse 2:]
Literally I am the epitome homes
Acclaimed critically downloaded digitally
Known from London to Italy
I slaughter these lamb ass niggas lyrically hypothetically realistically
The trees glistening, the cocaine crystally
And I am viciously controlling Boston officially
They say you Jaysaun?