Smokey Robinson – Easy Lyrics

I’m so glad you’ve come to me, baby
We’ve got a mission for tonight
And the conditions are, oh, so right
There’s no one here
There’s only you and me in ecstasy
And love is running wild and free
And easy, easy
I think tonight’s one o those night
We can’t conceal what’s in our hearts and minds
We must reveal lovers’ secrets and we’ll find
Our inhibitions
Take wings and they fly away
And all the things we want to say
Come easy, easy, easy
(Easy, easy)
A moment so tender, a time to surrender
Soft music flows from the speakers
Ooh, baby, ooh, baby, it’s all been designed
To make us weaker, weaker, weaker, weaker
These are some real precious moments
This time we’re sharing as the world stands still
We’re here comparing notes on every thrill
There’s no one else
There’s only me and you, a set for two
And all the things we want to do
Come easy, easy, easy, easy
Everything is nice and slow and easy
Everything is so easy
To be with you, to be with you, yeah
Yeah, it’s easy, it’s easy, it’s easy
Easy, easy, easy, easy…