Skillibeng Earns More Backlash For New “Silhouette Challenge” Video

You can watch Skillibeng’s “Silhouette Challenge” video on his YouTube channel. Some fans thinks that Skillibeng again went a bit overboard with the music video. The music video arrives amidst the warnings to avoid doing the now trending challenge since the ‘velvet rouge’ filter can now be removed by unscrupulous persons to see the sometimes naked body of TikTokers.The scene opens with 15 beautiful ladies in a room drinking and chatting and having a good time. Skillibeng, who is not visible in the video, can be heard uttering a repetition of lyrics on the hypnotic tune. That video rocked up over 1 million views on YouTube in a mere 2 days. As the ladies continue to perform in a stripper-like demeanor, two even find themselves in the shower, and as the music fades, the ladies are back in the living room chilling’ as if nothing was going on. However, by the next frame, the ladies transform as the screen transition to a devilish red. “Take off your clothes,” she mouths, then proceeds to lick the forehead of the unidentified female. Popular dancer Dancing Rebel opened the bedroom clip holding another female in a very sensual position while lip-sinking to Skillibeng’s voice. “Their fathers must be very proud after watching this,” one fan wrote. Skillibeng is again on the receiving end of criticism for another music video. Twitter
Facebook His song samples the track of Paul Anka’s 1959 hit song, ‘Put your head on my shoulder’ and Doja Cat’s song ‘Streets’. Another fan added, “A moment of silence for all the fathers that saw their daughter’s in this video.” Comments like those were added all over the comment section. Meanwhile, outside in the living room, it got pretty intense as the ladies gyrated on each other. Dancehall sensation Skillibeng revised the #SillouetChallenge into a whole video lasting about roughly 2 minutes, but his take on it is on a whole new level. The Eastsyde deejay previously got some backlash from dancehall fans for his “Coke” music video shot at the site of the infamous plane crash in Rocky Point.