Single Mothers – Signs Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Pisces in the full moon, change is in the air
She believes in that shit, so I try to care
Try to keep an open mind to the crevasses of life
As all my anxieties eat me up alive
I'm just trying to find my way
Through life’s little maze
I'm just trying to get my shit
Together, day by day
[Verse 2]
Amethyst around her neck to keep the bad at bay
Doesn't sound too sane to me, I don’t want her to change
Try to make the best I can out of all this waste
If nothing ever works out, then I'm the one to blame
The heart is a stranger
And I'm constantly amazed
How the will to love another
Gets stronger day by day
[Instrumental Break]
Swallowed whole and spit out
Crawling out a grave
I don't miss a damn thing
That held me in that place
Change is in the air, now I try to care