Shields of Strength Sends a Valentine Reveal About True Love and Kindness

"Holding tighter to my faith than my fear — and against all odds — I won the national water-ski jump championship. The key to a loving life 365 days a year is to consider others before self as often as possible and to have the courage to say we are sorry when we fail.""The feeling of love is not love, it’s the fruit of love," Vaughan says. "Love is a choice to do what’s best for others without regard for self. I began to wear dog tag necklaces inscribed with scriptures that helped me rise above fear to give my all for God. 27, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ –The heart of a unique valentine campaign by the Christian Jewelry company Shields of Strength reveals the conflicting love triangle men and women share with love and fear.Amidst the throng of seasonal hearts-and-flowers promotions, Shields of Strength founder Kenny Vaughan has taken to the Shields of Strength website and Instagram and Facebook pages and to YouTube to define "The 7 Things Love Is and the 8 Things Fear Is — But Love Is Not." The Shields of Strength jewelry line, every piece inscribed with scripture, has become a favorite way to show kindness and encouragement year-round, individually — and in higher volumes through the Shields of Strength nonprofit Point 27"I am doing this valentine campaign because I believe love is the most important and powerful thing in our lives, but most of us don’t know what love really is," Vaughan says. Fear always looks out for itself while love always looks out for others."Vaughan founded Shields of Strength on a call to share what God showed him about fear and faith during the years he trained and competed in national water-ski jumping. "Flowers and hearts are great but why we do what we do determines if love is involved or not. Love gives expecting nothing in return and fear gives to get. I was giving so many away that I started the business to be able to make them and inscribe them," Vaughan says. "Since then, God has been teaching me that the fruits of our lives depend on the roots of our lives – roots bound in fear or bound in love, and that’s what I’m sharing in this campaign."FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT MARCIA DAVIS, 972-834-5898, [email protected]; See YouTube links beginning with: Contact: Marcia Davis, 972-834-5898, [email protected] BEAUMONT, Texas, Jan.