Shavi – Lerato Ft. Tony Paperz, RX

Blige – Strength Of A Woman Album
Shavi – Lerato Ft. Accompanied by Tony Paperz on the Chorus and RX bringing the catchy rap flow, it’s one i’m sure the music gods will be pleased with. Lerato speaks to an age old story of boy meets girl. As they say “love conquers all”. Tony Paperz, RX

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Share on Google+ After building up this courage to allow people listen to his material, their positive reaction gave him the courage he needed to pursue his career as a producer and DJ. His an Engineering student who also is very passionate about his music. Shavi – Lerato Ft. Shavi’s music evokes emotions to listener,which is a rear trate in music these days. Tony Paperz, RX

M.A.D Entertainment presents Shavi with his studio effort – “LERATO” meaning “Loves”. Their love for each other is so strong, they prepared to do anything to be together. READ  Benny Young Africa – Oluwa
His Journey into music production started as mere curiosity in understanding how to use different production software, and slowly became his new addiction. The ability to translate emotion to music is the one thing only a true artist can achieve. READ  Mary J. Shavi is presently singed to M.A.D entertainment (My Afrkan Dream Entertainment). Shavana Mushwana – Shavi whose a House music producer / Dj from Limpopo in South Africa is the new breed of house music in South Africa currently.