Sesame Street – E – What’s My Letter? Lyrics

And now, before we begin our game, let me tell you that today’s letter is the letter “E”. Prairie: This is a very difficult question. Prairie: Uh-huh. EEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Oh, what a puzzler. And here’s the host of the show, Guy Smiley. Prairie: EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Remember, that’s the letter “E”. Guy: Other times it sounds like eee, as in eat, Easter, and evening. Guy: That’s all the time we have for today, get off the table Prairie. In the alphabet, what letter comes after the letter “D”? Yes! Prairie: A mouse?! Prairie: Egg, elbow, elephant. Guy: And now, Prairie, here is your question. And now, let’s meet our first contestant, a lovely young lady, Miss Prairie Dawn. E is the letter right after D, and here is your mouse! Prairie: EEEEEEEEE! Remember if you answer correctly, you will win our grand prize, this delightful pet mouse. (applause)
Guy: Thank you! Sesame Street
What’s My Letter
Announcer: And now, it’s time for that great new game show “What’s My Letter?”. Guy: Time is running out. Thank you! It is sincerely a pleasure to be here Guy. Prairie: Oh mercy, I am afraid I do not know. Guy: That’s absolutely right! Oh, I have not the faintest. Guy: Sometimes it sounds like Eh as in egg, elbow, and elephant. Guy: Think now Prairie it comes after D and just before F. (applause)
Prairie: Thank you. Tune in next time for another exciting game of What’s My Letter?