Search for Sister Sara Sunday: Stars Seek Female Evangelist Role

Thy will be done." "He is a voice for the poor who’ve been taken advantage of by those misrepresenting Christ in a culture of greed. "The right person will fill the role and be easy to work with, whether famous or not. The coveted choice is still a mystery.Last October, Back to the Future’s Claudia Wells spoke in interviews about winning the role, but as controversy grew internationally, she became uncomfortable, according to AP. 16, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Twin Peaks siren Sherilyn Fenn, Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, Brady Bunch’s Maureen McCormick, Katy Perry, Megan Fox, and the Exorcist’s Linda Blair are part of thousands of knowns and unknowns up for the lead role of healer Sara Sunday, a Spirit-filled woman in filmmaker Richard Rossi’s upcoming film "Canaan Land."The film is shooting in Hollywood with a December, 2017 release. Contact: Ricky Wasserman, Star News, 310-887-2190HOLLYWOOD, Jan. "She starred in a cult classic show in the 1990’s that’s coming back soon," Rossi said. His recent biopic on baseball icon Roberto Clemente was praised by Pope Francis and catalyzed a campaign for Clemente’s canonization according to LA Times and Washington Post. He has been the target of hate groups like Fred Phelps."They were also talking with management for Maureen McCormick and Lynda Carter," sources said.Rossi is appealing for funding on GoFundMe at Pope Francis commended Rossi for Canaan Land."Richard Rossi’s standing for good and against evil," Pope Francis said. Rossi plays a con man preacher who falls in love with woman of God Sister Sara. A former intern in Rossi’s office leaked correspondence related to the search. "She’s an actress so beautiful she played the ultimate beauty Elizabeth Taylor." Most guessed he’s referring to Sherilyn Fenn.Outraged fundamentalists who believe demons are in the Exorcist footage reacted to rumors Linda Blair was considered. Rossi’s film on preacher Aimee McPherson was Academy Award-considered. Written and directed by former evangelist Rossi, the film contrasts fake healers with the true article, resulting in backlash from televangelists. "If she’s cast, she’d make a journey in her work from being possessed by Satan’s spirit, to possessed by the Holy Spirit," Rossi said, when confronted by protesters in Hollywood. "It’ll go to who it’s meant to," Rossi said. He contrasts the love of God with those who teach blessings are bought with donations, which is idolatry."When asked about a starlet he was talking to recently, Rossi was cryptic.