Saxon – Sixth Form Girls Lyrics

SAXONSixth Form Girls Lyrics
Sixth form can’t get out at night (*)
They keep them in, it’s an awful sin
Should set them free and let them roam
The lights inside their dormitory
When they go black you sneak away
The plans are set but don’t go yet
They run down town to join the crowds (**)
They’re leaving school behind
They meet the boys from the factory
They’re staying out all night, all night
Sixth form girls they’re looking good
Skin tight jeans
They’re out for fun
They drink wine late at night
Meet some man who’ll make them laugh
Buy them drinks and make a pass
Take them back to a penthouse flat
(Repeat **)
Sixth form girls take their pick of men
They’re learning fast the ways of love
Just sixteen, teenage dream
(Repeat *)
(Repeat **)