Rogue Valley – The Planting Moon Lyrics

ROGUE VALLEYThe Planting Moon Lyrics
I might be a driver on the highway
In a big rig gliding through the veins and arteries
In a covered wagon piled to the top
With livestock, with produce
With any kind of crop, I’ll radio:
When the scenery has all been seen
When the bushes are shaken
And the shot is clean
There’s beauty to be found
On the stripped and dusty ground
Drop a seed in the soil
And let it grow
I might be a numb and foolish man
The most foolish thing I think
Is that I’m younger than I am
And that I’ve got
All the time I need to figure things
But what’s true today
Is not always held forever true, I’ll radio:
When the irrigation channels open wide
When the cattle farms and thunderstorms
Fill the countryside
There’s beauty to behold
On the cracked and crooked road
Drop a seed in the soil
Let it grow
If I see a hitchhiker on the side
We’ll do a triple digit ride in Georgia overdrive
And discover that all before has been bereft
Maybe two wrongs can make a right, tonight
Maybe two rights can make a left, I’ll radio:
When the orange blossoms come in bloom
When the Earth is covered in her sweet perfume
There’s beauty one can find
In the most desolate of times
Drop a seed in the soil
And let it grow