Roc Marciano – Wheat 40’s Lyrics

I need therapy in the speedboat
They ain’t just let us in, we Deebo
I built this, just me and my negros
We ain’t receive zero from Home Depot
It’s those swing from the noose
In pursuit of the low hanging fruit
The peach don’t fall far from the tree though
Death comes in threes, we a trio
Rental filled with kilos, got a tracker like a geo
I’m reverse aging, some people may think I’m drinking adrenochrome
This is some lean, I’m tryna defeat a cold
I’m reaching a pinnacle
They said I’m breaking the penal codes
Imma need my penis and my ego stroked
I’m not tryna play the hero role
Cuz the hero ain’t shit but meat on a gyro roll
[Verse 2]
I got them stuck off the sauce
Dropped a hundred on the Porsche
Another 30 oughta cover the cost
We all suffer loss, blood is drawn
Caused a short on the motherboard
Slugs hit your baby mother and grazed some other broad
The Cullinan float like a hoverboard
My shooters hung on the running boards
Shit ain’t sweet where I’m from, no love is soft
We took the raw, made it somersault
All summer long
All my life dawg, I been running from the law
Ma I’m just a hooligan
I make this kind of rap cool again
She say I’m way cooler than Max Julian
You ain’t gotta ask who he is, we the loopiest
My character in the movie script is truly at the nucleus
These are minerals, nutrients
Dudes can’t fit in my Gucci kicks
I might hit your bitch if I do see fit
Pop in another uzi clip
This a routine hit
Gotta move strategic cuz we seasoned pimps
Improve when you see kinks
Throw a deuce in the drink
They thought I was Juicy J
I’m so nice
I’m so nice [Intro]
[Verse 1]
I have no home, I’m a rolling stone
Life’s one long road, go and lighten my load
On the low I might need lipo
White sold underneath the light pole
I believe police might know
Always gotta keep the heat cuz the streets ice cold
Imma freeze if I roll Cee-Lo
I’ll buy the casino
Every line is pedico
I don’t speak to hoes, I’m an Eric B.