Religious Mystery Novel Exposes Global Christian Zionist Plot

In addition to being false, this idea — promoted by the globally powerful Rothschild family –both deflects awareness away from the real issue while insulating the secret cabal from criticism by shielding it with the false accusation of "anti-Semitism" against anyone who questions their motives and actions. They believe secular leaders like David Ben Gurion and Golda Meir had no business setting up an Israeli state without divine intervention. Indeed, many religious Jews are actually anti-Zionist or non-Zionist, firming believing that only God can create a true state of Israel.
28, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — "Forgotten Word," Sam Jane Brown’s popular, provocative first novel, exposes a global Christian Zionist plot, the author announced today. LONDON, Jan.
A number of Catholic Priests have died in mysterious circumstances. In the story, Zena McGrath is a detective working for an International Police Organization. A routine day is turned upside down when she receives a call from her boss in the New York office. "Forgotten Word" website (," takes on this issue.
As Brown’s book reveals, it is Christian Zionists like the American pastor, John Hagee, who are manipulating the Jews and the State of Israel to deliver it into Christian hands. Their goal, according to the book’s gripping plot, is to prepare Jerusalem for the second coming of Jesus Christ. But, as Brown’s book describes, they’re in for a big surprise.
"There’s what you see, what you think is going on and what is really going on in the world," Brown said. "When you start to understand how the Middle East actually functions and who is pulling whose strings, you’ll be shocked beyond words. It will blow your mind." This is the story told in my book.
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The religious-themed mystery, which delivers a surprise ending, can be read in ways that reveal the global machinations of the Christian Zionists who are intent on dominating the Middle East through false flags and cutouts, such as the Jewish people.
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Ickes, who writes extensively on this subject, explains that the world misunderstands Zionism by characterizing it as an exclusively Jewish movement. The mystery quickly dives into a shadowy underworld of religious intrigue that includes many references to the Christian Zionist plot to control Israel. This story has been told also by such global intellectual luminaries as the UK’s David Ickes.