Receive Inspirations of Hope and Healing by the Word Through the Eyes of a Cat

To view Micah’s website, visit the following link: His mission is to tell his story so that it can help others. Contact: Gay Lee Schumann, 817-296-4998DALLAS, May 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Micah Kiddy is a bombay/siamese mix cat who is also a Christian Author. He had to forgive the dogs, grow past the grief of loss and receive the truth of God’s love for himself. Share
Tweet By God’s mercy and grace, he met his forever family and was introduced to the most beautiful female cat he had ever laid eyes on. From the pain of rejection to the joy of experiencing the love of God, Micah takes his readers on a journey of faith, hope, healing and love as he exposes the human condition through the eyes of a cat. His Father’s kingdom was overthrown by a wild pack of dogs. With an uncertain future, he had no choice but to journey to a new land. ‘The Tales of Micah Kiddy: 10 Inspirations From a Cat and His Creator’ quickly goes to the heart of the issues that challenge the souls of many.Each devotional contains a story from Micah Kiddy’s life, some of which are fictitious and others that are factual, a verse of scripture and then life application paragraphs. Micah Kiddy plans to write nine additional volumes of mini-devotionals. Sadly, Micah lost Malachi and became a widower. His first mini-devotional book is now available on the iBooks app. It is this growth process that he shares with humans. He was a prince back in his country. Through it all, he never gave up faith in and love for His Creator. In the back of his mind, the rejecting, cruel barks of those dogs still affected him, as well as the loss of His Father. Many of those in his country met their demise, along with his Father. It is the hope of Micah and his human family that these will bring healing to a hurting world that needs the Lord Jesus Christ.