Rap Professor

Word to God I’ma snatch crown
Put it back on my head, I’m taking it back now
P! Sean Price on some new and improved shit
Life is a chess game I’m strategic with movements
Your move bitch
P! –Sample–
Imperious Rex Lyrics to ‘Rap Professor’ by Sean Price:

And thus it shall be Imperious Rex
–Verse 1: Sean Price–
Yo, rap professor
Acknowledge the scholarship
No scholar shit
Wordplay wizard, giving P on the llama spit
Follow this, those who don’t, fuck it they face abolishment
Sucker slurps niggas is psychologically swallow dick
Shit, this ain’t the same Sean from the last album
Don’t smoke weed or smoke the seed when I blast barrels
Clap Harold in the ride with cane
Nigga’s get burnt lyrically I’m supplying the flame
Providing the game
So pure I don’t cut on it
Track ain’t crack unless Ruck on it
Like who the fuck want it, uh
Cricket noise in the background
Nigga’s quite, can’t do a thing when I smash down
Claiming you king? Checkmate
–Verse 2: Sean Price–
Listen, I’m the magnificent the mathematical magical misfit
Technique is tactical, clap at you and your bitches
My rap terrific, my rapping is explicit
I’m active, accurate when slapping up you bitches
Fact filled rap that’s wack when you kick it
Gats you catch forever in my district
Think you wack, I think I’m nice
Fuck up your view like Frank at the fight
Fuck around and get shanked by a knife, shot by a shotty
Spanked in a fight, the life of the party
Late night when I’m out with some fun yo
I’m out with my spouse at the house of Mofongo
Dominican place, diminish the plate
Smoke a bowl then fart the decision escape
I make nice rap shit
Great life, straight fight, ape-like tactics