Ram-zet – 222 Lyrics

Destroy myself. Pain is all that you will find when thoughts of life is
worse than death,
and so you wish to end it all,
to end it all this one last time. Forget your will. Come on! Forget your will. Conquered, broken
you steal my bones. The darkness that surrounds you, it’s a life beneath
your bleeding soul. Now I’m all that’s left of you. Destroy yourself. I`m the victim within
this shame of ours. The curse for filled, your hope is crushed
by the glory of the unholy brought to you by God, so
scream, cause nothing ever last and no one ever stays,
like all you touch will disappear. Come again cadaverous souls,
unchain your bitter unforgiving hold. Wicked wonder,
this blade will sure
betray you. So learn, that nothing ever heals unless the gone once
and when they want to end you,
to end your life this one last time. RAM-ZET222 Lyrics
my world. You`re the victim within
this shame of ours
Conquered, broken
I steal your bones. You unleash hell
piercing my soul
with hatred. Dead within a second from the flash that hit your
heart. Fight me! Come on! Wicked wonder,
this blade will sure
betray me Fight me! Enter
my world. I unleash hell
piercing your soul
with hatred.