Queen Of Dancehall Spice Announces Debut Album “TEN” Dropping Soon

The dancehall veteran who has been in the industry for a couple of decades at least signed a multi-album deal with VP Records in July 2009. While Robbo Raanx was first to break the news, Spice reshared the quote in a post on Instagram with the caption, “The gate pull [laughing emoji] After ten years my Album is finally “COMING SOON” All we need is a good release date from you below @robboranxradio @vprecords ready?” The dancehall star is getting fans involved in the decision making which they are quite excited about. After ten long years of being signed to her label, Spice revealed that she is finally dropping an album. Though it wasn’t asked of them, others chimed in with suggestions for collaborations dropping names like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. But Thanks for the album,” one stan wrote. It only took a dozen years, but the label is finally releasing the dancehall star’s first album TEN. View this post on Instagram

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Facebook Cardi, who has a Caribbean background, is a longtime fan of Spice which she has pointed out to the dancehall star when they cross paths like at award shows. It’s official, Spice’s album is coming soon. Do you think it’s long overdue? In the comments, fans took the opportunity to call out the label that signed a “multi-album” deal with Spice but only just now decided to release her very first album after more than ten years. Spice recently did a sit-down video interview with Robbo Ranx on Robbo Ranx Radio, where she made the big announcement. Spice announced that her debut album TEN is coming soon. “I’ve been signed to a label for ten years and now I’m finally dropping my 1st album… it’s gonna be called TEN!” an excited Spice revealed. “@vprecords longtime unnu did fi just let her release a album or release her too damn wicked. They have suggested different dates that seem to be fated, while some want her to release the album on her birthday, which is in August. Plus, they now share that Love & Hip-Hop background, so perhaps the prospect of a joint track isn’t exactly far-fetched.