Public Advocate Announces $75 Million Giveaway of Artist Hunter Biden Collectibles

We will deliver some of the valuable pieces to recipients valued at $500,000.00 per item."Public Advocate will post the offer to be part of the $75 million giveaway on all of its social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Gettr, MeWe, Parlor, Instagram, Gab and other platforms on Tuesday, July 20 at 3:00 p.m. Hunter Biden Paint Brushes will be awarded to the first 150 responses.PUBLIC ADVOCATE TEXT OF TWEETS, POSTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA"Public Advocate offers to send one $500,000.00 priced Hunter Biden Paint Brush to the first 150 persons to write at 3:00 p.m. NEWS PROVIDED BYPublic AdvocateJuly 16, 2021WASHINGTON, July 16, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ — Public Advocate, a conservative non-profit, announced today they are giving away $75.000,000.00 worth of donated authentic Hunter Biden inventory to 150 recipients in a random selection process.Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said "As pure parody and commentary, Public Advocate is grateful to Hunter Biden for authorizing us to award 150 authentic Hunter Biden Paint Brushes to 150 people of our choosing in the next few days. We devoted years to proving the CDC abuses the public trust and proving Justice Department attorneys ignore lawful directives, this is clearly worse."Reference Link to legal commentariesCDC REFUSES TO TELL TRUMP WHITE HOUSE OR PUBLIC ADVOCATE HOW THEY SPEND MILLIONS GLORIFYING HOMOSEXUALITY ATTORNEYS MOSTLY IGNORE PRESIDENT TRUMP ORDERS TO PRIORITIZE RELIGIOUS LIBERTY Public Advocate CONTACT: Eugene Delgaudio, 703-845-1808,


Tweet EST Tuesday July 20, 2021 and state "Please send me a Hunter Biden Paint Brush valued at $500,000 for free" and provide a telephone number to contact and address to deliver the collectible."Public Advocate has previously published non-parody legal commentaries revealing that the CDC lies to the public about propaganda promoting anti-family and pro-homosexual advocacy; additionally Public Advocate warned former President Donald Trump about the duplicity of William Barr’s Justice Department in openly refusing to follow Presidential directives or Attorney General Orders.Delgaudio said "Our parody titled Hunter Biden’s Paint Brush Giveaway is the start of a serious Public Advocate examination of public corruption or misguided bad government practice in this case.