Petey – DON’T TELL THE BOYS Lyrics

Don't tell the boys that you've been crying in my arms
Yea I believe it's sharing season for the feelings in our hearts
Come on now! Don't tell the boys
Don't tell the boys that we just had our little talk
You know in tougher times, us guys decide we'd rather walk the walk
I'll always be a lending ear, i'll be your elephant best friend
Don't tell the boys we've got each other, and i'll love you till the end
Don't tell the boys It's either shooting guns or heroin, at least one of them pays for college
Ah shit! Sign the dotted line
Go head and join my little cult
We'll talk about how childhood traumas guide our actions as adults
Slam the bottle on the counter
Take this thing down shot for shot
You know i've made a lot of best friends, you're the best friend that I've got
Now we're howling at the moon
Hell yea! We're making lots of noise
You know i hate to say i love you, but there ain't no other choice
Don't tell the boys
Don't tell the boys that we done spent the week inside
And watched 3 seasons of the oc, 'till marrisa f*cking dies
You know at times im more like ryan, and you're a little more like Seth
You're so quick witted when we talk about what happens after death
I heard your brother's in the desert
He's been fighting for our freedom
He's been chasing nameless faces ever since he finished rehab
Can we support the individual, without supporting the whole damn complex?