Penal Colony – Drawn And Quartered Lyrics

Inside this weary head
Behind this painted lie
I’m pinned by vertigo
I speak, yet nothing’s said
Heart and material
Dividing me in two
And I blink my eyes
As the building’s rise
The buildings rise
To your raked-on skin
To the voice within
Drawn and quartered
Drawn and quartered
By jealousy
Like a withdrawn fiend
Drawn and quartered
Drawn and quartered
They shove it down my throat
This saccharine landscaped sin
A well planned diversion
From my bruised and bleeding kin
The crux of this crime
Has now become me
The blame is on my back
A drunkard’s point of view
I’m bound
To these racks
I’m bare nerves
Skinned like a cat
And I’m bound