Outspoken Minister and Author Marty Angelo Continues to Offer Hopeful Insights

Why haven’t we learned from Noah Webster? Angelo encourages both Democrats and Republicans to step back for a moment and understand what Noah Webster truly meant by his most famous saying.Marty Angelo is the author of 10 books that are all available online through Amazon. Contact: Marty Angelo, 805-405-8174LOS ANGELES, May 8, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — The recent 2016 election brought out the worst and the best in Americans with each side standing firm on their beliefs. Enter Marty Angelo, an outspoken minister who has "been there and done that." "What our nation just doesn’t get," Angelo remarked during one of his numerous radio interviews, "is no matter what one thinks or believes about our current political situation we are all stuck with each other and have to learn how to love one another and to get down to working out the bottom line to all of our life’s troubles and sorrows."Angelo is noted for bringing attention as to why people wind up in prison or living lives riddled with drug and alcohol abuse floating along aimlessly trying to grasp ahold of a true and peaceful reality."Noah Webster, the author of Webster’s Dictionary stated years ago that education is useless without the Bible," Angelo continued. one at a time."Through his 10 books and numerous radio and television appearances, Marty Angelo continues to urge people to pause and take a long hard look at what life is really all about. God is not a respecter of political parties or persuasions. However, He is still all about changing lives… What makes a radical liberal college student throw a rock, burn a car or smash a bicycle rack through a window? Should we really have taken the Bible out of our schools years ago? www.amazon.com/Marty-Angelo/e/B002MN1660 For more info please see martyangelo.com/biography2.htm

Tweet What is so different between the 1960s Woodstock Generation and 2017 Millennials? Why does life seem so hopeless for some and hopeful for others? "What a profound statement to analyze in this day and age with hundreds of people overdosing from opioids/heroin on a daily basis or getting themselves thrown in a cold dark prison cell. As conservatives and liberals continue to fight it out on who is right or wrong, taking up most of the media spotlight, very long-term problems continue to plague the world, such as substance abuse and prison overcrowding. Is our education system really as flawed as it seems?