Npk Twice – Forever On My Mind Lyrics

I thought it was you and me
But you had to invite the whole country
Your friends analyzed,kept telling lies
You told me you where scared of commitment
That was the first sign I ignored it
Guise love’s truly blind
Got myself an eye transplant
I see things clear now
You where never there
Its clear you never cared
When you lie,you lie again
To cover up the first lie
The lying never ends
How could you do that shit to me? Then its all on me
The breakup the pain? NPK TWICEForever On My Mind Lyrics
Forever In my Mind Only you
The peaces in my eyes go away with you
[Verse:Npk Twice]
Dear Nunukie,I wrote you this letter
With Ink,Pen and Book at Hand
We had our good times,Loughs-Easy Chills
Arguments even pretty little things
Had problems with committing,just wasn’t my things
Always had something good and I
F*ckin’ ruined it cause I
Looked for something better
I’m sorry baby girl that I hurt ya’
Yea uh… I broke your heart so many times that I even lost count
But you still love me
Hope when you kiss on him you think of me
And when your with him that you wish it was me
If not? I ain’t sure
Give a paddle on ya,like a Fallen Star
We didn’t get far,I was “just another Rapper”
Forever In my Mind Only you
The peaces in my eyes go away with you
X4 Cause they always a b*tch,who does b*tch things
How we end up being enemies
Many things I never said
How I really felt
It makes me really sad
Probably things would even been different
This a classic song
This ain’t a crazy song
This is a sad song,feeling strong
Cos was played on,my words raved on like a weapon
Felt betrayed and lied on
You ain’t the girl I thought you where
Not sure even that your a GIRL
What you are? I thought we where close? But I know now never trust a b*tch! Just know those words are all true
Fancy face man I really love you
It ain’t easy for a guy to show his feelings
But I’m tryna show you where my heart stands
I would rather have you happy then being with me and full of tears
I’m sure that shows how a nigg*r really caress
I’m sure you heard about my other chick,she ain’t you
Its you I would pick
Still got our last pic we took
Still think about our last kiss
Under an Umbrella its you I miss
Wonder how’s your life now
Forever In my Mind Only you
The peaces in my eyes go away with you
[Verse:Npk Twice]
Should of known you where lying
All the promise’s,promise’s promised you will keep trying
But you wouldn’t ,couldn’t ,meet me half way
All you had was a lot to say
Should of known you went over him
Or should I say THEM? Yea its all on me
I’m sure you got a lot of questions
Like one being me falling for one of your friends
Well… I got the answers
I’m sure your wondering what this letter is for
Its me convincing ME I don’t need YOU anymore BUT I DO
When you avoided me,she was there to comfort on me
So I fell for her,but I don’t love her like I love you!