No One Seems to Care

Lyrics to ‘No One Seems to Care’ by Kirk Knight:

–Verse 1: Kirk Knight–
No one seems to care
Parkside nigga, full of humble, some green
With crip niggas, put the bloods on the leaves
That falls under money trees
I’m still on the block
Hot headed influence but that’s only cos’
No one seems to care
–Verse 2: Nyck Caution–
We be on this trait
Ain’t no one got me, oh no way
No we don’t copy, we don’t fake
It’s Nyck @ Knight, real late
Real time, got real over time
Spent my nickels and dimes
Nyck’ll shine even if
No one seems to care
–Verse 3: Kirk Knight–
Voices in my head
I’m self reflecting need some help
I can’t go 9 to 5
My highway to the wealth
I mean the animal and spit
All the music through the pelt
Make ’em feel what I felt
No one seems to care
–Verse 4: Nyck Caution–
Tell me what that ratio is
Or just some kids, selling out shows
Not even on radio big
Big ticket but not even in that stadium
They playing him, so it really seem like
–Bridge: Sample–
No one seems to care
Reach out for me
I’ll be there
–Verse 5: Nyck Caution–
No one seemed to care about this at all
Back at that school hall spitting, they ain’t listen at all
When I started making music and was really going through it
I was telling people but it’s like
No one seems to care
–Verse 6: Kirk Knight–
Told a nigga stick to the beats
Slept on hard flows just to get the flow up and get back on my feet
Staying on my toes to get the dough and lamp on the beach
Writing poems ’bout the shit that I see
No one seems to care
–Verse 7: Nyck Caution–
Welcome to the basin where that body count is raising
Fourteen crushing oxycontin and ain’t no one escaping
You did it cos’ he did it
Man the city too contagious
They ain’t got no one to save ’em
No one seems to care
–Verse 8: Kirk Knight–
Fifteen, I took my shit and left my momma house
Wasn’t her, just the crib was hoarded, got this asthma now
Crib hoppin’ with some homies that move the drugs about
They braggadocious, never mention names
Nigga shut your mouth